70×100 cm
Oil on canvas,2022

Oil on canvas, 2022

140х90 cm
Oil and silver leaf on canvas, 2022

Zhyldyz Bekova is a Kyrgyz painter and digital illustrator. She creates artwork for exhibitions in watercolor, graphic, or mixed media and has been painting in oil since 2020. The technique of painting adds expressiveness to her works and her compositions on canvas look as if they are coming to life.

In her subjects, she uses themes from myths, customs, and traditions of the Turkic peoples of Central Asia. She loves to convey Kyrgyz national motifs using their unique cultural heritage. Her ancestors had a rich spiritual heritage – shamans, healers, and fortune tellers. Hence her attraction to mystical stories and otherworldly visions. She wants to pass on her heritage in her paintings, the time, man, and his place in this system of values.

“I am concerned about how man forgets the mistakes of the past, we forget the true human spiritual and moral values. We ourselves are eager to destroy everything around us with all our might. Nature itself gives us the opportunity to live in harmony, but we ignore it and look for different ways to be superior to it.”