“Using one’s feet has become an option of last resort II”
Multimedia installation

“For the upcoming Berlin Bishkek Artweeks, I will be showcasing a multimedia installation that delves into my personal experiences with migration. Through the lens of Vietnamese diaspora perspectives and family narratives, my work will explore the cultural significance of motorbike culture in Vietnam, which has become a defining aspect of contemporary Vietnamese society. Drawing upon my childhood memories of riding motorbikes in Vietnam, I will examine the symbolic meaning of the motorbike from a posthumanist speculative narrative, brought to life through a protagonist within the video installation.”

Tra My Nguyen is a visual artist and designer, working within sculpture, textile and moving images. Her practice draws upon Vietnamese diaspora perspectives for decontextualizing material culture within the tangling nexus of hyper-globalization. Deploying speculative narratives, Nguyen explores the tensions of gender, labor, migration and technology within the current neoliberal order.