“It Began”
CGI-Videoprojection, 2023

This computer-generated, AI-manipulated video installation is an attempt to invite viewers into a post-apocalyptic world, a distorted, digitally-rendered fauna. It highlights the inseperable notion of creation and destruction, beginnings and endings. After every fire, there will be life.

Leather, wool, linen, 2021

This is part of a series of objects that dissect the letters of the alphabet, trying to make sense of their shape, form and meaning. In a way, it’s an attempt to highlight the negative space of each letter, the unseen contribution to why an A looks like an A. An information that got lost under the authority of an arbitrary phoneme.

Photographic print on viskose wool, silk, 2023

Amigürümi pays hommage to the highly romanticized imagery of Turkish weddings, it’s status and many promises, expectations and failures that come with it. AI-generated images on handwoven canvas create a kitshy, distorted artifact of this very anticipated yet generic event of traditional love and customs. Turkish weddings are heavily decorated and with Turkish migration increasing in the 60s to 80s in Germany, the market for wedding decorations and utensils was flourishing. The word ‘Amigurumi’ is of Japanese origin and has been adopted into Turkish vocabulary to describe the craft of crocheting small dolls.