“Nomadic Migration”
Animated Short Film
Direction: Satkymbaev M Borboev Sh
Illustrator: Asekov T M Borboev Sh
Animation: Asekov T M Borboev Sh

“Nomadic Migration”, an animated movie about the dynamics of migration deeply rooted in Kyrgyz history.

“I believe that people are one of the components of nature and they can chose to represent the best side of humanity – helping each other in difficult moments through love and mutual respect.”

When looking at the body of work of Shakhnazar, themes like national Kyrgyz legends, stories and traditions are very present. Like a lot of artists in Kyrgyzstan, Shakhnazar left his home country to study abroad and came back to Kyrgyzstan after an extensive time of traveling. He now mainly works in the field of animation, painting, drawing and computer graphics.