“For bread”
78×130 cm
Oil on canvas/ 2023

“Sigh of Ancestors”
Textile, acrylics, 2022

“Migration is a very broad concept to me. The history and customs of the Kyrgyz people hold a key place in my work. I want these values to be preserved and passed down from generation to generation. It is these values that inspire me and allow me, as an artist, to envision the integrity and future of our nation. The thought of violating these traditions and changing attitudes towards them deeply disturbs and gnaws at me. National traditions are a legacy that must be passed down to future generations, and their loss can be a significant mistake in the history of a nation.”

In the 21st century, various cultural values of Eastern and Western countries are developing at a fast pace, migrating through the internet, television, or people. Their influence often leads to cultural conflicts and social divisions. I feel their impact on the core qualities of the human soul, including conscience, honor, and trust. This theme is reflected in my paintings, such as “Stealing Shame,” “Where Are We Heading?,” “Keeping the Faith,” and “Severed Root.”