2. It’s OK
wall painting installation
[linoleum, wall paint]
Size of each piece: 300cm x 500cm
From the series: TALKING BACKGROUND (2020- ongoing)

The wall paintings, which the public can step in, are formed as backgrounds for capturing photographs. Designed in such a way, written inscriptions purposefully leave out an empty segment for participants‘ integration and ful- filment of the initial intention of the merge.

The written texts on the walls consist of a varie- ty of quotes, common sayings and artists‘ own conclusions relatable to the history of the dias- pora. Whether saying unspoken or stating the obvious, they are the form of exchange of fee- lings, frustrations and judgements that mediate the attempt of overcoming neglected unders- tanding.

[ Saša Tatić’s imposing pieces tap into the painfully natural confusion of being away from where one co- mes from — while perhaps facing their newly-found sense of belonging. Through their colourful visu- al lightness highly charged with spite, they convey messages of rejection and acceptance to the dia- spora, the “host” nations, and those who stay back — all at once. Inviting the audiences to use them as photo backdrops, they are only seemingly simple statements: postcards to and from home; manifes- tos; all those things you wanted to say in the heat of the moment and later regretted that you did not. They are as light as feathers of poetry and hit oh so close to home. Either way: they spare no one. A word by Uroš Pajović ]