“Constant flow”
166 × 20 × 20 cm.  6,8kg

The sculpture “Constant Flow” is an abstract composition consisting of several interconnected parts. Clear geometric shapes symbolize constancy and stability, while biomorphic shapes represent fluidity, liveliness, and energy. Visually, they can resemble terrain such as mountains and a city, and there is a migration flow between them that allows us to change, learn, and find new opportunities. The work conveys an essential message that the world is constantly changing, and people are always striving for a better life. This aspiration helps us move forward and find new opportunities. This sculpture symbolizes our constant struggle for a better life and our continuous migration in search of new opportunities.

“The dilemma”
Relief.polyester resin
60 × 48 cm.   3,8 kg

The sculpture “Dilemma” reflects the difficult situation that many people face when forced to choose between staying in their homeland or going to another country. The figures on two sides have different shapes, symbolizing different cultures and countries. Between these two paths, the sculpture depicts a hero standing at a crossroads, looking in different directions, and trying to make a decision that will change his life and the life of his family. The sculpture “Dilemma” reminds us of the difficulty of choosing between two paths in life, which can be both difficult and attractive. But no matter what choice we make, it will define our lives and will have consequences that we must be ready to accept.

80 × 95 cm,  1,2 kg

Tumbleweed” is a painting that conveys the complexity of migration, associated with the movement of people, animals, and their adaptation to new conditions. The painting is in red, which creates tension and symbolizes harsh conditions where people and animals must adapt to live in peace. The picture raises questions about how the horses got into this arid area. Were they originally from this area, or did they come here by accident? This issue may be related to the migration of people and animals, who are often forced to leave their native places and move to new areas. The picture conveys the complexity of migration and adaptation to new living conditions and makes the viewer think about the contradictions associated with the movement of animals and people.