„At least no one got hurt“
182cm x 150cm

„And then she threw out the desk“
„Im lost but its fine“
100 cm x 70cm

„Popped Cherry No5“
50 x 69.5cm

„Taking the train out“
138cm x 46cm
Oil Paintings

„We all want to create a home, within ourselves and with others, sometimes requiring us to leave a part of home behind. And to experience this flux of change with the liminality of travel can be jarring. Empathizing with each other is what we need to allow ourselves to heal, create safety and respect for each other regardless of differences, creating a beautiful strong community of people when other systems might fail. We are all just trying to get along.”

I make my home within a dream world, one that feels familiar to me as I often don‘t feel that I am here [physically]. Even if I am on the move, I subconsciously input objects of nostalgia and what I soak up from those immediately around me creating attachment. Although I feel like I‘ve run from home, I feel bound by it and how it‘s given me strength even if it’s baggage I‘ve left behind.