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Munara Abdukakharova is an emerging artist with an architectural background. “The art I make is mostly narrative, based on my daily life, and addresses broader social issues in Kyrgyzstan. Her works explore contemporary Kyrgyz self-identity and the connection to nomadic heritage. In addition to figurative art, Munara also works with more abstract techniques in textile art. She frequently uses the most important material of nomadic culture – felt.

“In recent decades, my country has become a land of migrants who leave their homes to work and leave their children behind. They work hard, do not see their families for years, save their money, and send their entire earnings back home. The economy of Kyrgyzstan depends mainly on the remittances sent by migrant workers to their home country. These are the heroes of modern Kyrgyzstan.”

Munara’s art is mostly narrative and based on her everyday life, sometimes also depicting broader societal themes in Kyrgyzstan. Her works raise questions about contemporary Kyrgyz self-identity and connection to the heritage of the nomads. In addition to figurative art, Munara also works with a more abstract technique in textile art. She often uses the most important material in nomadic culture – felt.