„karl marx“
colorful pencils on canvas

„Familien portrait“
180cm x 140cm
black oil on canvas

„dritter versuch (vielleicht)“
210cm x 140cm
Pencil and Acryl on white canvas

Lindurs work preserve an honesty and purity afforded only to those without prior influence. Rather than burying the focus, his work is a mirror that sincerely exhibits case-studies of society and what it means to be a citizen of this current edition of civilisation. That is not to say his work is simple. It is not. Moritz’s works are rich in “unseen” detail. Adeliberate challenge, directly propositioned by the artist himself to the viewer. His work is a gift to the hunter of discreet detail. Unlocking his work will afford the viewer a unique perspective that can only be gained by taming one’s attention span.

Dedicating time to the observation of Moritz’s work allows the viewer to explore a world rich in generational differences, injustices, political-chaos and questions of privilege. One medium of choice which features heavily in his work, the ballpoint pen, directly links his practice to one of humanity’s most natural yet complex forms of expression: language and the written word.