“Missing Member”
Photo documentary book

Louise Amelie’s documentary series is an artistic engagement with the global phenomenon of migration and its many facets, which are often overlooked in migration policy discourse in this country. Migration has been happening since the beginning of human history and will always continue. Nevertheless, migration is portrayed as a deviation, while national borders are hardly questioned in their existence. Although Kyrgyzstan is inconspicuously nestled between Kazakhstan and China on the globe, the vastness and heights of the mountainous region seem infinite on site. Contrary to the naturalness, huge prefabricated housing estates are shooting up in the capital, Bishkek. Here, a young and awake population lives, confidently facing the world despite all the adversities of post-Soviet reality. In a collection of portrait texts and photographs that focus on the essence of the people, the book expresses solidarity and empathy for the fact that migration can mean both an opportunity and the painful loss of a beloved missing member.