Friday, 12.05.2023 – Vernissage

Music by Nevzat Akpınar
Length: 25 min

Inspired by the big city, urban art and his early experiences of the traditional folk dances of his region, Amigo developed a hybrid dance form from the traditional dance Zeybek and breakdance: the ZEYBREAK. Here urban and rural, present and past cultures, motifs from Western metropolises Western metropolises as well as from the Middle East and also integrates graffiti, here called BOUZUQ. American graffiti pioneer RAMMELLZ described the tag in graffiti as. „not a signature but a sign-overture“.

The starting point the signature, is thus again defined as an empty sign: i.e. „Back to Zero“. The answer of Amigo to this is BOUZUQ (a word composition from the Turkish word „bozuk“, the greek word „bouzouki“ for broken art, broken Body, broken sounds and the legacy of graffiti pioneer RAMMELLZ ;Bouzouki + Bozuk + RAMMELLZ = BOUZUQ). Choreography, costume, painting and the sounds in the BOUZUQ are based on the principle of collage developed by RAMMELLZ and the overloading of signs.

Saturday, 20.05.2023 – Performance night

Music by Nevzat Akpınar
Length: 30 min

Starting from the etymological origin of the word graffiti (graffitare = to scratch) Amigo uses brush, marker and scratcher to creates signs, codes, coded writings and calligraphy on window panes. His partly mysterious characters refer to graffiti culture, but also to his region of origin, Anatolia, where patterns and and coded characters are handwoven on carpets and are considered an important transporter/transmitter of stories.

Anatolian carpets form an important part of Turkey‘s cultural heritage. They have been traditionally traditionally made for centuries, under various influences from other peoples and cultures, and have developed a rich, complex language of patterns with diverse spiritual symbolism, and represent allegorically the universe as a whole.

In his performance BLEIB AUF‘M TEPPICH Amigo combines the act of painting itself with a dance with Anatolian carpet, symbolic of our limits and restrictions, but also of home. limitations.