Size:  3 x 3 m
Felt, cotton, wood, textile paint, ropes, stones, cloth, felt carpet , taar

“Bosogo” is translated from the Kyrgyz language and has multiple meanings: door frame, threshold, zher (barefoot lower crossbar of the door jamb), bash (bare lintel, the upper crossbar of a door jamb), and tayak (all four beams of the door jamb).

The threshold, in this case, is a symbol of the home, representing how a person leaves and returns to their home. Leaving one’s home for the sake of need or family can challenge one’s values. Remembering how this process is done reflects a person’s most important feelings, which can change over time. It reflects how we remember our homes and how we miss them.

While I would love to create something beautiful and joyful, my experience of saying goodbye to my home only leaves me with such a bittersweet aftertaste.

Ieeza Zheldenbayeva art knows no limits and reaches from styling and costume over set- and production design to upcycled designer goods and photography.