“Agony” 120х170 см
oil on canvas,2023

“Cloud II”
“Cloud III”
“Cloud IV”
“Cloud V”
“Cloud VI”
90×110 cm
Oil on canvas,2023

When people migrate, they often seek a familiar environment and things that make them feel as close to home as possible. Wherever we go, the clouds are above us, inspiring different thoughts and sometimes providing a sense of protection. It seems that in every country, clouds are unique in their own way, yet they share a commonality in their ability to connect people to the larger world around them.

Clouds are not just a natural phenomenon. They symbolize, in my opinion, the idea of protection and support. Clouds allow us to realize that we are a part of a big and amazing world: just like them, we increasingly cross boundaries, but on the other hand, regardless of the distance, we keep in our hearts the memory of our homeland and the people who remain there.