oil, canvas, 2023

The first painting is dedicated to the legend of Icarus and reflects the fate of Darikas Kyrgyz compatriots, thousands of whom are leaving their homeland in search of better opportunities to earn their living. According to the legend, a son and his father escape the invasion of their island by King Minos and his Captivity by building wings for themselves. Unfortunately, the son Icarus ends up drowning in the sea.

In contrast, Kyrgyzstan, although not threatened by an invasion – the catastrophic circumstances force many people to leave their families and homes and sacrifice themselves to provide for their families. Much like Icarus, they break their wings, have to live in terrible conditions, like starving and toiling with hard labor.

“Non-migratory birds“
oil on canvas, 2023

The second painting is inspired by an event she experienced and observed during her time in in Moscow. Darika encountered a group of couriers who worked for popular food delivery services such as Yandex Food and Delivery Club. She immediately noticed that all of them were Central Asian migrants. The young men were sitting in a circle on the floor in the middle of the food court and waited for the orders to be delivered to the customers. They sat in a huge heap that resembled a flock of birds, but they carried container backpacks on their backs. Although most of them were grown men, they looked tiny, as if their work forced them to flock together as tiny birds. Unnoticed and ignored by everyone around them.

“Gasoline Puddle”
Oil on canvas, 2023

The image with a puddle of gasoline symbolizes the habitat that forces people to migration. In this case, the gasoline stands for unemployment, poverty and other things that do not allow many people to stay in their homeland.

“Big, broken heart”
oil on canvas, 2023

A self-portrait that she dedicated to the feelings she experienced when she visited the migration centers and watched the queue of migrants.