Painter, performer and artistic director, Beverly D. Renekouzou has nurtured her imagination growing up in different political/social contexts, experiencing life in France, Canada, the United Kingdom, Central African Republic and Germany. With a focus on empowerment, Beverly’s large-scale paintings depict a lifelong process of healing, where black women manifest in a contemplative posture, suspending time to reflect on their non-material African heritage and their condition as women on a Western stage. Through an expressive visual, Renekouzou questions the richness and environmental influence that culturally hybrid indivualities can carry. A narrative that engages a metaphorical migration in search of a harmonizing spiritual space.

Saturday, 20.05.2023 – Performance night

„Beyond materialistic satisfactions“
Performance – Human experience
Duration: 30 Minutes

The approach is utopian, experimental and goes beyond the presentational principle of fashion.

Leaving behind their first years of independence to the urgency of the COVID-19 confinement and witnessing many social reversals and capitalist limitation. How the mid-X and Y generation positions itself in its affirmation. How kids imagine a better world and connect worldwidely.