210×350 cm
Mix Media on Linen, 2023

In my work i have collected different types of migrations such as-
* Migration of freight wagons around Europe in the form of railway company logos and markings.
* Migration of water resources in the form of Nickelmannbrunnens fountain at Nollendorfplatz, Berlin.
* As well as in the form of a bomb-drone-the face of Satan – a russian weapon of mass destruction, which is extremely inaccurate, it is controlled by inadequate people, and no one knows when and where it will fly to bring death.”

Apl315 is born in Odessa and started off as a graffiti writer in the early 2000’s and to date had numerous solo exhibitions in the Ukraine and abroad. His education is key to understanding the artist’s individual strategy: as a professional entomologist educated at the Odessa State University’s invertebrate department, he researched organic aesthetics and created images, which, from afar, looked like the silhouettes of insects.

While continuously working on the streets, Apl315 began to move into new territory and migrated to post-graffiti practices. In the second half of the 2010s, he began using alternative media when creating new works. In interdisciplinary art projects, the artist combines his entomologist background with the newly acquired passion for amateur archaeological research and metal detection. In his case, the metal detector becomes a tool of artistic expression as most of his newer artworks are assembled from objects found on the streets, beaches and in parks. Old nails, coins and rusted cans tell the stories of bygone days, referring to the classical baroque vanitas genre which was focused on the transience of life.

His most recent projects are dedicated to the war-torn areas in Ukraine and the Balkans. In large-scale multimedia installations, he asks questions about the fragility of modern-day ecosystems and uncovers deep historical traumas of Eastern and South-Central Europe.