This installation idea is inspired by the juxtaposition of notions that migrants are victims of their sacrifice (hence the cross shape), the branding with burning the letter “M” onto their chest (society brands migrants, places them in a certain space, mindset even), and that migrants are also like superheroes – they cross borders, are very brave and fearless for hope, for a new life, and “M” also becomes like a brand similar to Superman’s “S”.

The migrants’ families who stayed behind depend on them financially and view/experience them as survivors/heroes who sacrifice themselves to save and provide a future for their families.

Altynai Osmoeva is a Kyrgysz Multimedia Artist, mainly combining authentic textiles, fashion, graphics, performance, installation, sculpture, photography, light, and video. Nomadic culture, philosophy and aesthetics are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the artist. Freedom personifying nomadic women, horses and Kyrgyz taigans are often the subject of her muse and work. Altynai graduated with honors from the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, situated in London, where she interned at the world famous fashion houses helmed by Alexander McQueen and Erdem Mariouglou. Altynai is the founder of the ALTAI OSMO women’s clothing and fashion accessories label. The label adheres to the principles of sustainable slow fashion, which is ethical towards the environment by using organic and renewable raw materials, among other things. Her exclusive pieces combine a minimalistic approach where textile reflects world heritages and artisan lore from all over the world.