“The Burden”

This work of art that depicts a nomadic donkey carrying an empty bag on its back. One interpretation of this work relates to globalization, where the earth becomes a single medium for the exchange of information, knowledge, and cultural values. The donkey, which is a symbol of stubbornness and hard work, can represent humanity carrying its burden on the path to progress and prosperity.

The bag on the donkey’s back may also indicate the difficulties people face in transferring their knowledge and cultural values to other regions and countries. Additionally, the donkey can also symbolize people responsible for preserving the heritage of their culture and traditions and passing them on to future generations.

Despite the difficulties described in the work, “The Burden” can also serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving cultural heritage and the need to respect and appreciate the cultures and traditions of different nations.

Sculpture, Brass

“My work makes an important contribution to the ongoing public discourse about the role of women in the modern world. At the heart of my research lies the symbol of the birth of new life, which I figuratively associate with women. I emphasize that the role of women in society has changed, and they are now compelled to protect themselves and work to provide for their families.

Moreover, I draw attention to the challenges that women face, particularly those who immigrate and are exploited. My aspiration for a world where women can live in safety and prosperity is a critical issue that warrants attention and discussion.

Through my work, I initiate an essential dialogue about the role of women in contemporary society and what changes can be made to create a world where women can thrive and live in complete security.”

“Wind to the West”
Sculpture, wood

“It is a symbol of our pursuit for success, wealth, and prosperity that focuses on Western patterns of life and culture. However, in this pursuit, we often neglect our national history and connection with our past. As a nomadic people with a rich culture and traditions, it is our responsibility to preserve and continue them. If we become too self-centered and forget our cultural heritage, it could lead to tragedy for our country and future generations. Therefore, it is crucial to remember our obligations to our ancestors and future generations and maintain a balance between our pursuit of success in life and the preservation and promotion of our national culture and traditions.”